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Moving pets overseas: a stress-free guide

By Rebecca Arnold – Pet Express Customer and Fur mom to Diego Moving overseas is stressful. There’s packing, selling things, organising visas, finding somewhere to live… the list is endless. Throw a pet into the mix and you’ve got the perfect recipe for elevated blood pressure. After moving internationally with our globe-trotting pup, Diego, a […]

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Toma’s travels to Japan

Relocating from the United States to Japan is a long and complex process involving major decisions and actions in planning, organization, and execution. Our two-year-old dog, Toma, would be making the journey with us, and since this was an additional dimension where we had no prior experience, much time was spent understanding how to import […]

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Our recent work with Humane Society International

Humane Society International’s campaign to stop the slaughter of dogs for meat is unremitting, and this week they announced that 31 dogs living on a South Korean dog meat farm are bound for the United States with the help of our team. Pet Express is proud to be partnering with United Airline’s Pet Safe Program to provide overnight comfort stops for […]

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Adopting a new pet? These are the top 10 pet names for dogs and cats

Choosing the perfect name for your newly adopted pet is one of the many exciting aspects of welcoming a new animal into your life. From names like Charlie to Cooper, Luna to Simba, picking the right name for your pet is an important decision as you want to choose one that best reflects your animal’s personality […]

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Take Your Dog To Work Day

Friday June 24 is ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day’, a day where businesses are encouraged to have employees bring their favourite furry friend into work to celebrate the benefits of companion animals, and to inspire those without pets to adopt. Here at Pet Express we are big fans of bringing our pets to work, […]

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A Very Special Rescue Mission

Today we’d like to fill you in on a very special move we’ve been working on over the past few months. As you know, here at Pet Express we transport family pets to their new homes across America and the globe on a daily basis. However, it’s not just family pets that need to move […]

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Making the Big Move Overseas

Have you just made the decision to move overseas? There is no doubt a lot to organise, without even thinking about how you can take your pet or pets along with you. But, at a time when everything in your life might be changing, having your furry friends with you will help you settle into […]

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Roxy’s move from Washington, DC to Canberra, Australia

Planning Stages We had 8 months to plan our relocation to Australia and for me, the biggest worry was importing our dog, Roxy who suffers from separation anxiety. After viewing the import requirements online, I knew that we had to get some help as the process is extremely complicated with a strict timeline and many […]

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