Our Caring Team

Our fabulous team has been carefully selected to ensure that you and your pet encounter the highest level of care at every stage of your experience with Pet Express. With many long serving and knowledgeable team members, we are the pet travel experts who love what we do!

caring for pets

Caring for your pets is our job.

Do a job you love and you will never work a day in your life! That’s how we feel at Pet Express. Pet cuddles and happy family reunions are what motivates our amazing team of pet lovers.

Meet our team

pets relocaed from usa to australia

Scott & Christine Williams

As the owners of Pet Express, they have travelled with their dogs, Charlie and Gigi, between the USA and Australia several times.  Charlie and Gigi are both English Cocker Spaniels who love nothing more than their family and being bossy.  Charlie is a sweet gentleman who was rescued by the Williams family at the age of 3.  He came to them as a damaged soul, but with lots of love and patience, Charlie has developed into the sweetest boy.  Gigi has been with the Williams family since she was a puppy.  She is snuggly and mischievous, and is a complete greedy guts.  She has been known to steal food from unsuspecting Pet Express team members lunch bags whilst they are busy looking after other pets!

Johnny - Pet Express General Manager


Our General Manager USA and has joined the Pet Express US team after managing Australia’s largest manufacturer of all natural raw food for cats and dogs.  Johnny is Papa to 2 handsome young men named Frank and Walter. Frank is an Aussie Bulldog/Pug and Walter is a Neapolitan Mastiff/ Pointer.  Frank is widely renowned as a wonderful conversationalist and Walter is famous for his increasingly goofy antics. Both gentlemen have made the journey to So Cal to join the Pet Express team with love in their hearts.

Adrienne - Pet Express Operations Manager


The Pet Express Operations Manager and she truly enjoys coming to work every day. Who wouldn’t want to play with gorgeous pets every day?! Adrienne finds each day both exciting and rewarding knowing that she plays a part in reuniting families. Being a part of the Pet Express team has given her the opportunity to travel to Australia, which is the same journey many of your fur babies will embark on, and from experience, coming back home and reuniting with her fur baby is the best feeling ever!

Mia Compliance Manager at Pet Express


As the Compliance Manager at Pet Express, Mia works closely with Veterinarians to ensure all paperwork is properly prepared for your furry family to travel worldwide. Growing up with an assortment of pets, from dogs and cats to ducks and chickens, she has always had a love for animals. In her spare time, Mia enjoys hiking the hills of San Francisco and cooking gourmet meals for her friends and family. She hopes to travel the world someday to explore the destinations that all of our lucky client’s get to travel to!

Sandii at Pet Express


The Operations Coordinator at Pet Express and the beautiful, kind voice that supports our customers in the days leading up to their pets travel.  Sandii supervises our daily operations to ensure that every furry friend that comes through the doors is hugged, loved and given the individual attention they deserve. We are big on belly rubs, chin scratches and one on one attention. Oh, and did I mention hugs…

Virginia - Pet Express Bean Counter


As the Pet Express bean counter, Virginia’s role does not put her in direct contact with our furry clients, however she does avail herself to the biggest perk of the job! The pets that come through our office are just steps away from her and they are always happy to have some cuddles whilst waiting for their flights. The extra care that Virginia and the rest of the team take to ensure that the pets have someone to talk to and give them affections makes them feel they are loved and safe.  They in turn, make her day so enjoyable!

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