American Airlines Dog Shipping

A list of Restricted Dog & Cat Breeds on American Airlines

Whether you are moving homes or looking to bring your pets on vacation with you, it is important to understand the restrictions airlines have on certain breeds of dogs and cats. Each airline has different regulations, however, across all airlines, snub-nosed breeds of pets are not able to fly domestically within the U.S.

American Airlines Dog Shipping

American Airlines is a trusted partner of Pet Express and works with us to provide the highest level of safety and comfort when transporting your pets. This blog post will provide you with a list of restricted dog and cat breeds on American Airlines and give you some alternative transport options if your furry friend is on the “no-fly list”.

What types of dog & cat breeds are restricted?

Here is a useful Infographic American Airlines has provided to illustrate the breeds and potential mixes of breeds, of dogs and cats that are banned from flying.   

Why are they restricted?

These specific breeds fall into the category of brachycephalic & snub-nosed breeds of dogs and cats. They are restricted from flying for safety reasons due to hereditary respiratory issues.

Whilst their cute little noses may be the very reason you fell in love with your furbaby, it is also the reason they can sometimes have trouble breathing. When pets are up in the air on a plane, the high altitude can worsen this respiratory issue.

What are your other options for transporting restricted dog & cat breeds?

If you have a snub-nosed dog or cat, it can really limit your options when you need to move your precious pet across the country. If they are not able to fly, the only other option for transport within the U.S. is through ground transportation.

In Los Angeles, Pet Express has a brand-new fleet of spacious and temperature-controlled vans where your pet will be traveling in absolute luxury and comfort.

Pet Express has trusted partners all over the U.S. that can assist with transporting your pet to wherever they need to go. This includes travel to major cities, such as Los Angeles, where they will be able to catch an International flight.

What can you do to increase the safety of your snub-nosed dog or cat?

There are a couple of things you, as a pet owner, can do to minimize the risks associated with flying for snub-nosed breeds of cats or dogs.

  1. If you can, avoid the summer months. The higher temperatures increase your pet’s breathing rate as they try to cool themselves down.
  2. It is also very important to keep your pet hydrated in the lead-up to travel as well as whilst they are in the cargo hold of the plane. Pet Express always makes sure water bowls are filled at the terminal before any pet travels on a long-haul international flight.

Need more information or some assistance?

If you are looking to transport a breed listed above or are not sure if your pet falls into the category of snub-nosed breeds, give us a call on 866-738-6683, submit an online inquiry or email us at to chat with one of our expert Pet Travel Consultants. We will put together a customized plan for transporting your pet wherever they need to go.

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