Our team cares for your pet as much as you do.

From our Pet Transport Services team, who specialize in making all the travel arrangements for your pet, to our Pet Handlers, who care for your pet during the travel process – we all love your furry family member!

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Why choose Pet Express for your International Pet Transport Service?

Caring Team

Caring for your pets is our job, and we put the welfare of your animals above all else, always. Pet safety is always our top priority. But we also care for you. We’re here to answer your questions, support your decisions and make sure you feel comfortable and confident in our pet shipping service at all times.

Family-Owned & Operated

We’re a familyowned and operated company, and we take that family approach into our care for you and your pet’s journey. When you work with us, you and your furry friends are family.

Highly Knowledgeable

Whether it’s juggling veterinary protocols, understanding the quarantine requirements of countries worldwide, or ensuring your pet has access to food and water while they travel, we have the information you need. We make the entire pet shipping experience hassle-free and are dedicated to transporting your family safely right to your front door. 


We find solutions, not problems. Our pet shipping services are comprehensive and suitable for any big trip. We’ve transported pregnant pets, handled breed restrictions, dealt with cancelled flights and managed it all through a global pandemic. We have a ‘make it happen’ attitude because we know how important your pets are to you.

Industry Experts

International pet transportation is constantly changing, even more so now. We keep abreast of all the most recent regulations, airline protocols and individual country requirements to ensure your pet arrives at its destination happy and well.

Caring Partners

We wouldn’t leave your pet transport needs with anyone who wasn’t as caring and supportive as we are ourselves. We’ve chosen to work with only the best industry partners, such as Canine Companions for Independence.

We are the
pet transport people.

Since 1978, our pet transportation business has been trusted by families to safely relocate their pets all over the world.  We are a family-owned and operated business that believes that the pets who move with us are very special, and so are our values: we love pets, we are the experts in pet transport, we are genuine when it comes to our knowledge and care, and we strive to exceed expectations.

Meet our Team

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How pet transport services work

Pet Express can take care of the entire process and provide a pet shipping service that is stress free – for both owners and pets!

Travel Crate

Book a Travel Crate

We can provide the correct size crate to keep your pet safe & happy.

Travel Crate

Get Pet Itinerary

A broken down itinerary of your pet’s travel and shipping information.

Travel Crate

Pet Fit to Fly

Your pet is given the all clear by one of our partner vets to take off.

Travel Crate

Time to Fly

We take care of pickup, accommodation and transport to your destination.

Wherever Your Pet Needs to Go, We’ll Get Them There

Moving your beloved pets can be emotional and confusing, especially when every country has their own set of rules and regulations. We transport pets cross country or anywhere in the world. And whether they’re going to Sydney, Australia, Florida, USA, or London, UK, we always ensure the process is smooth and seamless for both you and your multiple pets, no matter where you need them to go.


United Kingdom


New Zealand



Is it safe for pets to fly?

Air travel is as safe for pets as it is for people. Airlines have staff that are trained in pet shipping and who will care for your beloved pet on their journey. And, of course, we take care of everything to ensure your pet has a happy and safe journey.

Where does my pet travel on the plane?

Your pet will travel in a special cargo compartment within the aircraft. This compartment is both climate-controlled and pressurized for your pet’s safety and comfort, and it’s on the same air circulation system as the cabin.

Where can I get a strong, comfortable travel crate?

Pet Express can provide strong, sturdy and comfortable travel crates to our clients that provide protection during loading and unloading and give your precious pets plenty of space to stretch out and move around. Our crates will keep your pet secure where some lightweight crates sourced from pet stores may flex during handling, enabling the door to accidentally open.

How much will it cost to relocate my pet?

The price for pet transport can vary substantially depending on the location, so we’ll need to provide you with a specific quote to suit your needs. Our pet shipping services are always competitive, and we try to work within your budget without compromising the safety and comfort of your animals.

Will my pet have to stay in quarantine?

Only a handful of countries actually require your pet to stay in quarantine upon arrival. These are the strict rabies-free countries like Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. If you’re relocating your pet to one of these countries, they may need to spend a few days in quarantine. But in most other countries, there are no quarantine requirements at all.

What We’re Talking About on the Blog

Our entire team are pet owners as well as pet relocation specialists. So, when we say that we live and breathe pet relocation, we really mean it.

On the blog, we write about location relocation requirements, how to keep your pet healthy and happy during their pet transport service and everything in between. Check it out.

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Google Rating
Based on 228 reviews