Using your own crate


If you are considering using your own pet crate – even if your pet has traveled in this crate in the past – please be aware that government, industry and airline regulations are constantly changing, making some crates non-compliant for travel.

Please speak with a Pet Relocation Specialist to confirm that the crate is:

• The correct size
• An approved make and model
• In good condition

The brand and model number are often stamped into the plastic lip above the door. You may also find the dimensions there. If you need to measure the crate, measure around the widest part, including the edge where the two halves bolt together.

To ensure that the crate is the correct size for your dog or cat, please let your Pet Relocation Specialist know the breed and current weight of your pet. You may also need to measure your pet.

For your pet’s safety and comfort, it is essential that the flight crate is adequate. We reserve the right to refuse to ship your pet in an inadequate carrier, even if the manufacturer claims that the carrier meets airline guidelines.  Some airlines impose regulations that exceed industry-standards, and certain dog and cat breeds may require larger crates than normal.

Pet-Express is happy to provide you with airline-approved travel crates when we collect your pet, however some pets may benefit from becoming accustomed to the crate weeks or months before they travel. If you’d like to purchase a crate in advance from your local pet store please talk to our trained Pet Relocation Specialist and see the following link for an example of airline-compliant crates.

It is critical for your pets well-being if they are travelling to be fitted to the most appropriate travel crate for their journey. Pets need to be comfortable for their journey and there are some important factors your personal pet travel consultant takes into account when allocating a particular crate size to your pet.

For your interest to calculate the minimum size of a pet travel crate, please use our crate calculator.

Simply measure your dog in cm with reference to the image guide.

Is your pet a snubbed nosed cat or dog?
Which Travel service you are requiring the crate for?