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Here at Pet Express, we’re a team of animal lovers and we think it’s about time you get to know some of our staff!

Meet Shari.

How long have you been working with Pet Express: 4 months.

Tell us about your pet! We have Kazi, a long haired Siamese (we think!)

How did your pet come into your life: My daughter got him out of a box in front of our local grocery store back in Oregon maybe 10 years ago.

Kazi used to be an indoor/outdoor cat. Our house is in a wooded area with lots of wildlife including bear, elk, deer, raccoons, opossums and coyotes. I used to like coyotes, until one day Kazi went missing and we heard a pack of coyotes catch something. If you have never heard coyotes hunt and kill something they sound like a women screaming while being dispatched. We thought that was the end of Kazi. But much to our happy surprise he came back. We thought he looked fine until we got close up to him and realized he had managed to break free of a coyote bite that went through his mouth in one spot and right by his beautiful blue eyes. The vet was amazed he got away, so were we. No stitches just anti-biotics. Needless to say he is no longer and indoor/outdoor cat. We believe he burned through at least 5 of his 9 lives that day.

Tell us about some of the funny things your pet does at home: Wow, too many to name but the funniest thing he is doing right now is sitting in his window seat watching the world go by. He has gathered many fans and people literally are stopping in our yard to say “Hi” to him and talk through the window to him. It’s a bit weird but he seems to enjoy the attention.

Tell us about some of the amazing pets you’ve meet by working at Pet Express: There are so many. Little tiny fuzz ball puppies with no names yet to a big old dopey bulldog puppy, so soft and wrinkly still, who walked right up to our door and laid down and wouldn’t go any further.


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